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Where ideas are brought to life with pencils, brushes and paint.

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Offering a range of art options to both support wellbeing and engage with creativity.


Art offers a constructive diversion for those who need time out; whether to ease stress and anxiety or to promote physical healing.

Art Classes

Begin your creative journey or re-discover a forgotten pastime, with a range of art classes to suit beginners and intermediate skill levels.


To improve visitor wellbeing or to brighten a bland space; wall murals, paintings and illustrations can be designed to meet your needs.

Creative Workshops & Events

Offering a wide range of creative workshops and events across Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Enabling you to engage with your creative self to improve skills, clarity and support wellbeing in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

  • Creative Discovery
  • Glass Painting
  • Mood Painting
  • Sketch-Booking
  • Painting & Drawing

All art sessions are individually led so, there are no rights or wrongs. The ability to ‘draw’ is not required, we aim to discover a calm and relaxed you rather than a masterpiece.

Are you looking for a partner to run a creative workshop or event?

We offer a wide range of art and creative workshops that can be tailored to your requirements, talk to a member of the team today for more information. 

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If you would like to attend an event or workshop please ensure you register online to secure your seat as places can fill up fast.

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About Me

I am a creative artist, designer and illustrator. My passions are creativity and colour; I have lived with art and design for my entire life as a private tutor, curriculum teacher and business designer.

My aspiration is to introduce the positive benefits of art to the world; whether viewing art or drawing, sketching and painting or through creative play.

Art is about self-expression and a way to divert the brain to encourage true relaxation and mindfulness.

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